What are the best ways people express their feelings?

What are the best ways people express their feelings?

What is it like being an Extrovert?

How can an extrovert encourage an introvert to share their feelings?

Why can't introverts express their feelings, even if they want to?

Why Introverts don't talk much about their feelings?

Expression of feelings is the core factor of human behaviour. Every individual has his way of expressing his feelings. A person may express it through actions, verbally expressing, politely smiling, facial expressions, emotions, through eyes or whole body language.

The expression of feelings plays a very vital role when you want to convey or explain something to the other person. Every individual is not comfortable in expressing their feelings verbally, some individuals may be strong in expressing their feelings using facial expressions. This expression of feelings is a very delicate topic as a few will take your expression of gesture positively while some will take it negatively. So I would like to focus on two types of individuals and their ways of expressing their feelings- The Extroverts and the Introverts.  

Now let me start with Extroverts. The extroverts are those who love to be among people. They are very enthusiastic and love to interact openly and make quick contacts. They have a very confident way of approaching people and speak up their minds freely. The extroverts tend to initiate the conversation and don't wait for others to do so. They are very active and social. So whenever they want to express their feelings, they put their words very boldly without fear. They can do so because they are pretty sure that they can answer any counter-question without fear.

Now, again there is a category among these extroverts. The ones who are strong in their field while a few with a natural gift to face any circumstances. If a person has technical knowledge of what he wants to execute, he will boldly face the situation. The person will also be able to explain strongly what he wants to execute using specific words. In this case, he comes in the case of extroverts as he is strong in his domain and bold enough to speak. But what if a person has little technical knowledge? Here he struggles to express his feelings with confidence and hence can't have strong body language while expressing.

Now there is another category of people who are born geniuses. They have the natural talent to express themselves even when they have less technical exposure. These people are really strong and confident in whatever points they present. They can handle all difficulties with challenges and those challenges as opportunities to progress in life. So these people never look back and keep on growing in life as they are smart and exceptionally strong in expressing their feelings. They are so smart that they can convince the person in front of him easily and get the work done.

So not every extrovert is good at putting up their point but those with good knowledge can surely do it easily while few are gifted who can express any impossible feelings. Optimism is the only driving factor for this lot of people. So whatever the crisis arises, these people will surely find a solution. 

Let us move our focus towards Introverts. They are very tough people to understand as they are very sensitive. Introverts fall under different categories. Some are those who always keep things to themselves and never express it to others, some are those who express their feelings to only a few people, some are very anxious who fear or worry while facing any situation while some others are very restrained introverts. 

As I said few people always keep on thinking something in the back of their mind that they are never able to express to others. They are scared of people judging them and making fun of them. So this restricts them from expressing what is going on in their head. Few introverts express themselves through a few gestures or expressions. These introverts are happy with a small group of people but they give their 100 percent to the people who are close to them. They are very soft-spoken and express their feelings mostly using facial expressions or a few words. They don't feel comfortable facing a larger crowd at a go and hence it is the prime duty of Extroverts to make them feel comfortable in larger groups. 

Some introverts are very anxious about the fact that they are not good orators so how will they face their immediate reporters. They are afraid of the superiors who shout at them persistently to get the work done and start feeling the burden. They can't take the superiors shouting at them unnecessarily for every small thing to get work done. Hence they can't have a sound sleep. This feeling haunts them and they start to lose hope and start fearing everyone. 

The introverts love doing few things which they find very exciting. Hence they enjoy doing those things to the fullest without a second thought in mind. Let us say shopping, having nice food in the restaurant, traveling and dancing. But when you restrict them from having their likings they don't like it and are unable to express those feelings too. They have very small dreams and likings for every minute of the things. So here every individual has to understand the feelings of the introverts, encourage them, and support them. Your smallest act of supporting them gives them confidence and freedom to do great wonders in life.

I have seen a few introverts very talented and strong in some of the other fields, but again they are exploited by their superiors or even a few friends. These so-called few friends or superiors are such that they get the work done from their introverted friends or colleagues and depict in such a way that they did a particular task themselves with great effort. This is the reality where the introverts suffer badly from the inside as they understand that they are being used but are restricted to speaking only because they can't express much through words. Sometimes people forget them when their work is done. 

Hence, in my opinion, people should understand these facts and not always expect every individual to open up using words. The constant words to 'open up' put a lot of pressure on such human beings. Sometimes people should have empathy for introverts and try to understand them through their gestures, expressions, eyes, or body language and not compel them to always speak and express themselves. Every individual has got a talent that needs to be realized and used positively. 

At last, I would say everything boils down to knowing and understanding the person with whom you are dealing. If a person is an Extrovert he will surely express his feelings instantly and free up his pressurized mind. On the other hand, Introverts will take their time to open up using different mediums but will eventually express the issues that are bothering them. In such a case, other individuals must understand their feelings and make them comfortable.

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