What is success in life?


What is Success in life?

This may be the question that comes to everyone's mind. Some people assume success is becoming a great businessman, some find it in being a doctor, some find it in being a Coder, Some find it in being a good stockbroker or trader or some find it in becoming an Entrepreneur.

So every person has his separate definition of being successful. But does a person really becomes successful? Is the maximum of the population working for any company happy with their jobs? Do people working day and night in manufacturing firms to earn their livelihood happy? Are they just working only for money to somehow manage family needs? Don't they have their own passion or liking? So are they Successful?

So the answer to this is very straightforward. Every individual has been gifted with some of the other good qualities. It is only the fact that India is a developing country with the second largest population in the world. With very few job opportunities available people initially struggle to get a job, even if they get one, people here think what will happen if I leave my existing job in order to get a job of my liking? How will I survive and how will I run my family? What will people around me say? 

This all stops people from dreaming big and adjust to whatever they get. This is where the people start thinking that they should be satisfied with what they have but fail to realize that if they were in the field of their choice, they would be at the top. This adjustment thing and public pressure take a toll on every individual and people are afraid to take risks in life.

Now let me connect this to my life - An experience with respect to IT companies 
After completing 12th HSC, I always heard select Science. You will have a bright future. True to say I even didn't even know what field I was choosing. I went with the flow and completed my Engineering in IT as people said there is scope for IT. Yes, I got a job in one of the best MNCs today. Getting placed for the first time gives you so much happiness that you really start thinking now at least I will start earning on my own. But the true struggle starts from here. Nothing matches the things you learned in your graduation and actual work.

Some people are lucky to land up in good technologies, start liking their work, and earn handsomely. Some are extroverts who fight and get what they want. But these are only 5 percent among all. What about the majority and introverts, they keep on struggling to find their success and dealing the daily pressure. No one likes getting scolded by their managers. Some can digest it but some can't and start suffering from deep inside. This is the phase where most of them get frustrated and start getting negative and start losing their confidence. So it is always important for each individual to understand what other individual is going through. He should keep on asking whether that person is happy with the task assigned. Is he/she overburdened with work? Is the field suitable for him/her? But unfortunately in IT this rarely happens and the greatest sufferers are those working at ground level i.e developers

I also went through this process. I took risk of leaving the existing job and move to post-graduation. But not everyone can do it. It again boils down to risk factors, introverts who fear to express the things they are going through and they are exploited to the maximum limit.

Now in PG also you face a lot of competition to get admission to reputed institutes. This is because most of the HRs will always prefer to recruit from top institutes to be safe. What about others? Are they not capable enough? There can be some circumstances because of which a student didn't land up in top institutes. But this doesn't validate that a student is not smart enough.

And the questions keep on popping up? So where is the success and where is the satisfaction? You will only see the struggle.

Every person wants something more in his life. Let me explain with an example a normal engineer earning 30 k per month is sometimes jealous of a person earning 70 k per month, a person earning 70 k per month is jealous of one earning 1 lakh per month and this chain continues. But has anyone thought that at least they could afford higher education and now they are earning this amount? Very few think on this path. What about those who really struggle to complete their basic education. Is it not the prime duty of so-called sophisticated citizens to help these poorer sections? 
The more you earn the more greedy you become, so instead of this why can't every individual earning a fair amount contribute at least 5 - 10 percent of his amount for the upliftment of poorer section? 

Hence the Satisfaction according to me is when you contribute to society in some or other ways. Why can't a person earning handsomely donate at least 10 percent of his earning to the upliftment of poorer sections? Why can't he have empathy for the poor? Maybe tomorrow your small help may create wonders in their life and they would proudly take your name. This is your SUCCESS

The satisfaction and success as per me are also when you try to understand the other person's feelings, their hardships, things he/she is going through, and try to do your best to get him/her out of trouble. Your empathy and your one advice or help can help thousands to start thinking positively again. Just saying or texting I am there for you won't change things, rather try to understand the person and try to give you cent percent to him/her to get out of stress/ problems issues whatever you say. 


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