5 things that commonly happen when you revisit the places

It is very common that you keep on visiting some places again and again but there is something that always keeps on popping up in your back of your mind. Some memories are so strong that you try to recollect those old memories but some memories are such that you don't want to remember. People think of keeping up good memories but try to forget the bad ones.

In this article, you would find the five things that are very common when you revisit the places.

1. You start thinking with whom you had visited that place before and what things you used to discuss during those days?

It is normal human behavior to remember the people with whom you had visited the place before. You try to recollect those old memories and time you had spent with those people. You also start recollecting the smallest of things you had done together during those days. You tend to go into the flashback and try to remember all the fun you had, all the chit chat you did, the food you had during those days, and all the silly stuff you did together. The places may be tea stalls, cafes, schools, colleges, restaurants, amusement parks, workplaces, your old village, the old house, any tourist place, and many more.  

You often start thinking about what kind of a person you were at that time, what goals you had set at that place, and where you are standing currently. You yourself can analyze the growth you have made from those early childhood days or say bachelor days till now.

2. Think that the places you visited initially are not the same now so there would be a different feeling altogether.

Change is the only constant thing so whenever you revisit any place, you would like to see the same things again. But as you know nothing is permanent and places and things keep on improving as the days go by. You may be attached to one particular thing present at that place and this time you don't get to see those things. So in such a case, you may feel disconnected and try to recollect how the place used to be before how it has changed now. You may like a few changes while you may dislike a few of them. If you don’t like change you feel disconnected. It is natural that you should understand that there are some things bound to change with time and you should accept those changes.

For example: When you drive through the old streets you will find that much old architecture has been demolished of your time. New buildings have been constructed, a lot of new restaurants have come around also the localities and the people staying there have changed. The place where you used to meet for tea, coffee may be no more. This is very hard to imagine but that's a bittersweet feeling when you know nothing will ever be the same again and everything is going to change.

3. You will start missing those people with whom you had visited the place and start remembering them.

Some places are so close to your heart that they make you remember your special people with whom you have lost contact. These places make you realize that you have lost touch with those people with whom you had spent your best time. You start remembering each and everyone who was your family cum friends and had helped you in every tough situation. Most people move, change their jobs, locations, and begin a new journey in some of the other places. We get connected to each other via social media but this digital connection can't bring back the closeness until and unless all people make real efforts to meet and stay in each other’s lives.

So whenever you visit such places your memory quickly goes to remembering those people and you pick up your cellphone and start connecting with each of them and ask about their well-being. Revisiting the places makes you realize what have you lost and how you can build the relationship again due to changes that took place in your life.

4. You try to keep those places in the heart that gave you happiness but try to bury those places that gave you pain.

You know that the places make you realize some bonds or make you remember some relationships, but not all memories are good at a particular place. Some memories give you happiness while some are so horrific that people try to forget those places as these places keep on haunting your whole life.

For example, you may have had quarrels with your best friends, unnecessary fights, breakups, bad experiences with respect to your love life, bad incidences that occurred at any such place. These places should be avoided for your betterment and go away from them otherwise it will give you unnecessary stress. Otherwise, try to hide your emotions and emerge out strong.

Some places are so close to you but the incidents at those places make you uncomfortable. Few incidences at those places would never be healed in your lifetime. Hence it is always on you to bury those memories at those places and avoid going to such places or face it as a challenge. It is always advisable for you to visit those places that would motivate you.

5. You look back at the place and think how far you have come from the last time.

As you know changes are bound to happen and you need to reinvent yourselves and there’s no greater realization of that than when you come back to a place, like an unknown person revisiting his past. It may be that last time you were at the same place you had set some goals which you may have fulfilled after revisiting the place again. You aren’t the same person you used to be years back and will not be the same in the coming years. So you need to adapt to the changes and try maintaining the relationships once build in that place. The attachment to place never go from your memory, they stay forever. It is only when you revisit a place you go in your flashback and a cluster of things pop up.

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