How can you recover from the hardest failures or setbacks in life?

1.  Accept the fact

Commonly each person passes through severe setbacks or failures in his life. You need to come out from these unavoidable circumstances. The foremost thing is to have self-realization that whatever has happened in the past and can't be changed.

The only way is to control your emotions and think wisely and accept the fact. Moreover, the realization of the truth is crucial at such moments otherwise you take unwanted steps that are not at all expected. The acceptance of the failures or setbacks can either make you even stronger or make you very feeble.

Accordingly, here I would like to focus on a few points that can help you handle such delicate situations boldly.

2. Divert yourself by pursuing your hobby

The most important thing in such situations is to divert yourself and try to be away from your cell phone to avoid the calls for some days. It is necessary to take some time to realize the truths. It is very common for people to call you for asking about your well-being, ask you repetitive questions, and try to support you. But you know from within the situation you are going through and can't explain everyone about your thoughts. You understand people asking you questions just to give you confidence, but at the same time, you don't want to deal with every person explaining to them the same thing that makes you weak.

As you know, every person has some talent and it needs to be brought out in some of the other forms. In such situations it is always better that you start realizing your hobby, things you love to do, and engage yourself in some or the other way. Nevertheless, it will take time at the start but gradually you will succeed in coming out from the failures and setbacks with constant inspiration coming from within you.

For example, Some of you may like playing a particular sport, some of you may like reading books, some of you may like writing or reading articles, while some of you may love farming, some may like doing adventures, trekking, few make like painting, art, or drawing. Consequently, pursue your hobby and distract yourself in the initial days.

3.Keep in touch with those friends who care for you and inspire you

As we know friends are very important in everyone's life. Friends are there for you at every walk of your life. Friends can be in the form of your relatives or true colleagues, college mates, school friends. Friends play a vital role in helping you to come out of the shocks and make you laugh, share your feelings, give proper advice, or even crack jokes.

For example, I have a great friend circle with which I can share everything. It may be my happiness, my sorrows, failures, or even setbacks I can share all my feelings with them. These friends are your second family. So if you are going through a very bad phase in life, like you are not able to crack the exam or maybe you have lost a relationship or maybe you have lost your loved ones or financial crisis or job loss, friends will always stand for you. So be sure to have a good friend circle that can come to rescue you anytime and anywhere.

4.Accept new challenges in life

Setbacks or failures give you a lot of pain but you must focus on the future life. If you keep thinking of your failure you would never be capable of accepting the new challenges in life. You need to be bold and courageous to accept each challenge as an opportunity. It is for sure you would emerge out as a very strong personality once you overcome one failure or setback. 

So keep backing yourself and one day you would emerge victoriously. Keep one thing in mind never ignore your self-health and hygiene because it is crucial for your key to your success.

5.Take your own time as few setbacks take time to heal

I understand it requires time to heal all the things that you went through in the past. I also can understand it is difficult to come out of such a situation, but your determination and persistence can surely help you overcome all failures and setbacks.

Always try to remember that you are there for your parents. You are the one who is going to fulfill all their dreams. So must understand the happiness of your parents lie in your happiness and it is your prime duty to keep them happy whatever may be the circumstances.

So one failure or setback in life should not break you, it should give you more energy and courage to explore more opportunities and do better next time.


We have only one life. Don’t give up. Live it to the fullest otherwise, you will regret your whole life. There is nothing under the sun that you can’t do or achieve. It is hard to come out of setbacks or failures, but not at all impossible.

People have to take their own time and patience is key to overcome all roadblocks. One bad incidence, the phase doesn’t reflect you are bad or not capable. Have faith in yourself as one day you will shine as bright as Star with all courage you showed in tough times.

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