What is the harsh truth of Life?

What is the harsh truth of Life?

A person always wants happiness in his/her life. The life we have got is just a small part of this universe. It is always like a gift we give to our friends on their special days to make them happy. So it is always in hands of a person to make the utmost use of this gifted life.

Some people have faith in God while some don't. It is an individual's choice. So maybe a few are Atheists while a few are Theists
. But for me, there is no difference between these two kinds of people. I personally believe there are only two types of energies in this world.
One is positive and another is negative. It is upon a person in which energy he believes in. This is only the harsh truth you believe it or not.

People have a tendency to say be positive, everything will be fine. Time will heal all the things. But what do you mean by being positive?
This positive energy is one that can't be given by anyone but it should come from within. It is the energy that drives the person to choose the right paths and take appropriate decisions. This positiveness boosts his/her morale and everything seems to fall in place. The positive energy always helps an individual to overcome all his failures in life.

Let me explain this with an example which most of you would connect with - Cricket.
We know every player has a bad patch. The expectations from players are so high that he/she has to perform in every match else people start criticizing that player, the player also tends to lose confidence in himself /herself. If a player fails to deliver multiple times, he starts to doubt his/her capabilities and technique which eventually may be correct. Only the issue is the energy within himself. In such circumstances, if he takes failure as a challenge and emerges strong he is surely moving towards positivity.

You can also see this in normal life when you are doing well in your work, enjoying your life, suddenly an unexpected storm comes up and takes everything from you. Here the person seems to go in a state of shock and starts thinking, why that unexpected thing occurred in his life. But he/she should understand such incidences take place in every individual's life.

So what is the way to come back to positivity? Distraction from the ongoing things? Does it really help? I would say to some extent. The motivators will try their best to motivate you, try to cheer you up, some people may get motivated through it I don't deny, but as per me, this is temporary. It would make a person happy only for a certain period of time, and back of mind he/she will again go down thinking of his/her problems and lost confidence.

The best way to move to positivity is either to leave or throw away the things which frustrate you. An individual can even take a break in his hectic life and focus on those small things that give him happiness. The money may come and go but your inner satisfaction is very important.

Hence, the best way to deal is only the belief within yourself. What is best to do in such a situation is to disconnect yourself from the world, don't listen to hundreds of advice, rather listen to your inner voice. The inner guts and feelings are very important while taking any important decision. Share your feelings with only those who really care for you and can help you get out.

When your brain, heart, emotions, thinking, and actions are in the sink you perform well and this is what we called positivity.

Now talking about negativity, no one is born negative, circumstances make them think negative. It may be due to pressure, anxiety, burden, loan, less ability to express, inefficiency to fulfill dreams or targets. People start thinking am I really so useless or dumb that I can't solve my issues? Can't I do the things which my colleagues do? He/She gets annoyed with himself/herself and goes into their own world of thoughts where they start thinking in opposite direction. They start thinking no one can understand them and no one can help them. This is a very delicate stage where they can even take your advice and motivating words in the wrong way.

The harsh truth of life is no one waits for others in the fast-paced world. Each one only thinks of himself/herself and how he/she can progress by taking others' place. Very few can relate with those who are at bottom of their confidence. So it is up to each individual to keep faith and confidence in himself/herself. You never know when the tide of fortunes will change and you will be the master and others the slave. Each process requires time and patience is only the mantra to success.

Every company starts as a small startup but eventually some become Big. This process also takes its own time and hard work. Big brands are not built in a day. The harsh truth is many of them fail twice or thrice but succeed gradually only because they are positive. As per me a failure, learning from those failures, your hard work, patience, dedication, risk-taking capacity and the readiness to accept losses and emerging strongly from those losses are key to your success.

Everyone knows today's market situation. Many people are jobless in the market, many businesses are badly affected but I also see many of them putting up their best efforts to get a good job or get on track. The current situations are challenging but these people as per me are real fighters who never lose their hopes as they see the larger picture. They know once they are through this worst phase in their life they can face any tough situation fearlessly. No one succeeds immediately.

Keep on putting your efforts and wait for the right opportunity to come your way. Understanding this is very important for all but especially for freshers who are just starting their jobs. A person with positive thinking never fails. So he/she should never lose HOPE.

So understanding current situations, figuring out the right opportunities, and fighting bravely to find a way out from these circumstances is the Harsh Truth Of Life.

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