Why take a break from a tight schedule ?

1. Saturation of Mind

People work every day to earn their livelihood. While some of you have off on Saturday and Sunday, some work the whole week. It is essential for each person to take some time off from the daily routine, otherwise, your mind stops thinking due to exertion. You start getting irritated and get frustrated over the smallest of things. 

This state is known as saturation where you really can't focus on your work. This is the indication that your brain, the body requires rest and it is the right time to think of your health first.

I have seen people working very hard even though they are fully exhausted and drained. Either they are mostly overburdened with work, or they need to complete the targets in time or the work culture is bad. Having no option left, people have to keep stretching to avoid the insults from their seniors.

Now it is time you realize your capabilities and realizes when you really need to take a break from work.

2. Relaxation from the daily routine.

Continuing to the first point, I would like to focus on a few ways of relaxing yourself.

1. Physical work

1.1 15 to 30-minute nap

All work but no play makes jack a dull boy. Similarly, all work but no rest makes him perform less. Day by day person becomes lethargic and loses interest in work. Hence be sure you take a small nap to relax your body.

1.2 15-minute conversation with colleagues

A good relationship with your colleagues makes your work easier. Working together builds up a great bond. The bond should be so strong that when you are tough situation they will run to help you out. So be sure to have daily conversations with colleagues, share your thoughts, and work pressure with them.

1.3 Tea breaks

Tea breaks are meant to have a nice chat over tea. Here you should completely forget the work for some time and have relaxed chats with your friends or colleagues. You should have these breaks to have some fun and entertainment.

1.4 Wash, your face thrice a day.

It is difficult to do work over a long period of time. Your brain gets saturated and also physically you get drained. So make sure to keep washing your face from time to time to refresh yourself.

1.5 Have a constant conversation with superiors and let them know your current situation

Most of the time you start feeling you are burdened with a lot of work and the value you get is less. So it is essential for you to frankly speak to your superiors of reality and let them know the situation you are facing. Sometimes you should learn to say No to work when it is really not possible. Being frank doesn’t mean you are not a capable employee.

2. Mental Work

2.1 Close the system and relax

Looking continuously at the computer screen or any working on any work continuously is not at all good for your eyes as well as health. Make sure you take a regular break and roam around in the corridor.

 2.2 Snacks break

It is a must to have snacks, lunch, or dinner on time otherwise you start getting a headache, stomach issues, body pain and you lose out on the priority work.

 2.3 Sit alone and give your mind a break

Sometimes it is also better to just sit back and relax. Don’t think of anything and just close your eyes and relax your brain. You can even meditate for some time which gives you positive energy.

 2.4 Call or meet colleagues and discuss vivid topics

This is also the most important point to relax you. Pick up the phone, call any friend, listen to his interesting activities, and share your interesting activities for the day. 

2.5 Constant conversations with the manager

Be active, and keep your manager aware of everything you do and face each day.

2.6 Refill Water bottles and have washroom breaks

Many times people forget to drink water, refill them because of the heavy workload. So be sure your drink plenty of water and have appropriate washroom breaks to be comfortable.

3. Time for Family

Looking at the current situation, it is very important for each individual to understand their family is very important for them. Therefore, each of us should try to take time out from our busy schedules and have daily communication with family members. We should share everything with them as it releases a lot of pressure.

You can talk freely only with your family members, and they are the ones who will support our every decision or phase. We should also see what the current necessity at home is and have a heavy discussion on buying any new things. This will distract you for some time from your daily workload and also give you happiness.  

You can also have an outing with family, and relatives which will is a good chance to explore nature. This pleasant environment change gives real pleasure to your eyes, and you come up with ideas to tackle the situation you are going through. You also get buffer time to think about a very specific idea going on in your head.

4. Enjoyment and learning from friends

Meeting friends and having a chit chat with them is the best thing you can do. The friends are the second family. They tease you, help you, and also share their knowledge with you. So meeting them daily helps you explore new things in life. The normal discussions with them also opens up doors for new ideas in your head.

If I would consider my example, I learned a lot of things related to mutual funds, the share market, business ideas from my friends. They are always there to support you learn and share your knowledge. Having a trip with these friends is always a bonus as it makes you completely forget all your worries for a few days and enjoy their company.

5. Breathe fresh air and exercise.

Learn to go in the fresh air early morning and have a walk while sunrise. This will give your body the required Vitamin D. This will give you internal peace and condense your mind. How much the pressure is make sure you take time out for exercise. 

The exercising may be at the home, gym, or in any other form. This helps loosen your muscles and makes you tough too. Nowadays people also prefer cycling early morning as a form of exercise.  

So always be sure you have to go out of home and inhale the fresh air even though you are burdened with work. 

6. Prioritize your Work.

It is necessary to balance your personal and professional life. Always try to keep things separate as your professional life may impact your personal life too. So learn to prioritize your work. 

Whenever you have more workload, try to do it as much as possible, but never extend to a limit that frustrates you and you bring out your frustration on your family members.

Scenarios may occur where you are working on very critical projects and you require time, but never shout at others like friends, family members as they are innocent here. You can just share with them the situation you are stuck in, others will understand you surely.


Breaks from your daily routine are a must. Take them in any possible way you like. They give you the required refreshment and help you focus more on work thereafter. The breaks from work rejuvenate your body and make you mentally strong. Hence, keep sharing what is going on in your mind as someone can help you out. Go for walks, exercise, cycling, or outings that give you internal peace. Most important, learn to handle situations with patience as it will solve most of your problems.


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